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Hiring A Realtor

The value of hiring a realtor lies in the fact that they can assist you in the process of either buying or selling a house. A good realtor would know how to get proper financing, prepare your home for inspection and help you until the closing date. It is important to make sure your realtor represents your best interest as there are realtors who represent both the buyer and seller in a transaction.

A good indication of a dedicated realtor is the one who returns your calls immediately. Do steer away from those who canít seem to find the time to call you back, no matter how good their referrals are.

Make sure that the realtorís personality fits your own, as youíll expect to spend a lot of time with them during the whole buying or selling process. If you can establish faith and trust with your realtor, then you know you have found a good one. A good realtor should also make you feel important and treat your transaction as urgent. Logically, a full-time realtor is preferable to one who just works part-time.


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Campbell Is Alive

With tree lined walkways and charming sidewalk cafes and coffee houses, Campbell is an aspiring location for living.†

The area is home to fabulous restaurants, wonderful shops, and stylish boutiques, Campbell is a contemporary locality that features the latest trends in clothing, art, and jewelry.

The Campbell Farmers Market is a favorite for residents who desire fresh produce and other direct products that are delivered first hand from the farm and by modern entrepreneurs selling their wares.

There is live music, fresh flowers and delicious libations that bring the residents out in droves on sunny Sunday's. It's the perfect meet and greet for neighbors and residents old and new.

The annual Bunnies and Bonnets Parade in Downtown Campbell is a family and community affair held on the day before Easter following the City of Campbell's annual Easter Egg Hunt.

In past years, the parade has featured marching bands, baton dancers, classic cars, bagpipers, floats, dog clubs, and other assorted things of interest that make up the Campbell area community.

There are also yearly festivals including "Boogie On The Bayou" and "The Oktoberfest" These events keep Campbell thriving.

The festivals are a fun activity for people who come from all over the area to participate, and the money that is earned and collectied from the festival's help to keep the City Of Campbell growing.


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Scrutinize the training your realtor has and whether heís familiar with current trends, especially in using the internet. A technology-savvy broker indicates the willingness to stay on top of his profession.


If you are selling, determine how your broker will market your house and ask for written marketing plan. See to it that your broker will get your property featured in several listings. Also, ask your broker if heís willing to offer a commission to the buyerís agent, as there are buyerís agent who only deal with sellerís agent willing to give them a commission. Needless to say, this would facilitate your transaction.



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